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Latest version: December 15, 2009

Table of Contents

  1. Article I: Name
  2. Article II: Purpose
  3. Article III: Officers & Committees
  4. Article IV: Dues
  5. Article V: Order of Business
  6. Article VI: Rules of Order
  7. Article VII: Bank Accounts


This organization shall be known and designated as “Municipal Clerks’ Association of Monmouth County, New Jersey.


Section 1.
The Purpose of the Association shall be:

  1. To promote a better understanding of the official duties and obligations of
    Municipal Clerks and to promote programs of education.
  2. To establish insofar as possible uniform methods of procedure and administration in the municipalities of Monmouth County.
  3. To promote the cause of good government in the various municipalities and higher echelons of government, cooperate with municipal and higher authorities in administering the provisions of law.
  4. To enlighten the general public as to the true nature and importance of the many and various duties performed by Municipal Clerks.
  5. Initiate and carry on such other activities as may be deemed to be in the public interest of the general welfare.

Section 2.
Special meetings may be called by the President or Executive Board either when deemed necessary or upon the written request of four (4) members.

Section 3.
Notices as to date, place and time of all meetings shall be sent to all members via email, fax or regular mail at least ten (10) days in advance.

Section 4.
Fifteen (15) members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business but no meeting shall be considered as having a quorum unless at least fifteen (15) municipalities are represented.

Section 5.
A discussion of partisan politics is prohibited during the business session of all meetings.


Section 1.
Officers shall consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. Each officer shall hold that office for a two (2) year term, beginning with the ‘Installation meeting/dinner’ which shall be held in January every other calendar year. Upon the end of the term of each officer, (usually in December, before that term actually expires) a Secretary shall be nominated and elected. After the election takes place, each officer moves up to the next rank as follows:

Secretary -> Treasurer
Treasurer -> Vice President
Vice President -> President

If for some reason, an officer shall resign his/her position, a nomination and election shall be held as soon as possible following the procedure in Section 1 above and the newly elected officer, shall finish the unexpired term of his/her predecessor.

All Committees shall assume their duties immediately upon their appointment by the President, which in the case of Standing Committees shall be within ten (10) days after his election to office. The President shall be an ex-officer member of all committees.


Section 1.
Each Regular and Associate Member shall pay annual dues of $75.00.

Section 2.
Dues shall be payable prior to March 1st of each year. Any member who is delinquent in dues for the previous year, shall be automatically dropped from membership but may be automatically reinstated by the payment of such arrears plus dues for the current year.

Section 3.
The Fiscal Year of the Association shall be the Calendar Year.


Section 1.
The Order of Business for regular meetings shall be:

  1. Roll Call/Flag Salute
  2. Reading of Minutes
  3. Reports of Officers
  4. Reports of Standing Committees
  5. Reports of Special Committees
  6. Communications
  7. Unfinished Business
  8. New Business
  9. General Discussion


Section 1.
“Roberts Rules of Order” shall govern all proceedings insofar as they’re not inconsistent with the
Constitution and By-Laws.


Section 1.
All funds belonging to the MCAMC shall be deposited in a checking and/or savings account or some other form of deposit such as a Certificate of Deposit with a recognized New Jersey banking institution. Access shall be permitted by all four officers of the MCAMC in the following manner:

a. All four officers’ names shall appear on the signature cards of the account(s). One signor shall be needed on checks or withdrawals of under $500.00; two signors shall be needed for amounts of $500.00 or over.

b. The treasurer shall make available all financial statements upon request of any member and prepare a treasurer’s report to the membership regarding the account(s) on a quarterly basis.

These By-Laws were amended December 7, 2007; December 10, 2008; and December 15, 2009 at a duly held meeting of the Municipal Clerks Association of Monmouth County.